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Called by God and ordained in the Prophetic Ministry after more than 11 years of learning at the feet of his spiritual father Pastor Timothée Mutombo, leader of  "Church of the Living Christ," Prophet Emmanuel later became the founder of Stand up and Walk Ministries (Name of his Ministry), Healing Rain Conference and Wake up the Mighty Men Tour Int'l (International events' names). 

Emmanuel is a servant sent by God to preach and teach the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world by reconciling men’s hearts with God, win souls, healing the sick, delivering captives in Jesus name. 

God gave him the ministerial mandate to raise up and equipped a multicultural champions' army that will impact their generation with the values of the Kingdom of God, by walking above the systems of the world.

He is known as a teacher of the word of God. His teachings such as the “How to Walk Above Systems” or “Exposing the Babylonian System Nowadays" continue to bless multitudes of souls and raise up champions in Christ wherever the Lord sends him.

Emmanuel Buama Healing is a man who loves people, he has a particular compassion for the sick, this is how God sends him to the nations to heal by the power of the Holy Spirit men and women suffering from infirmities.

He is a man who considers himself as an instrument in the hands of God so that Jesus Christ receives all the glory and honor. And he always says that "without Christ I am nothing".

He is also a philanthropist, author and a mentor to many people in the nations. Emmanuel is married to his wonderful wife Gracia Buama Healing and together they have wonderful children.

"Thank you for connecting with us, we love you"!

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