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STAND UP AND WALK MINISTRIES is not only a prophetic ministry, it is also a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION, registered with the Canadian government. Our goal is to provide food, school supplies, education, clothing to children in need. Each donation is used primarily to benefit orphans and widows. And to build centers that will help children be mentally and spiritually healthy for  those who have experienced sexual abuse, trauma and more.

You cannot travel through the nations with us, but your generosity can, and give smiles for thousands of children around the world.


If you give in truth, you are planting seeds that will be multiplied back to you.

So, as you give to the Lord, we pray that God will open the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessings that you will not be able to contain it (Malachi 3:6-10).


During this turbulent season of uncertainty, there is an urgent need, like never before, to preach the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ to perishing souls across the globe.

Reach out with the little you have and see whether it will not multiply!



Tel. 1 519. 566. 2801



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