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Jesus Christ Loves Pakistan

The Great Vision

4 years ago the Lord gave us a strong message with a great vision for the beautiful nation of Pakistan. By the grace of God this year, the Lord Almighty is giving us the green light to accomplish our second mandate at the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The Children


22.6 million children are out of school in Pakistan.

Our Mission is to provide food and education for the poor children and teach them who is Jesus Christ. 

Children do not have food every day because of poverty. But we believe that things can change if we have faith in God and if we all work together for the future of these children. 

If we manage to educate the children in the word of God, in the future, Pakistan will be prosperous, for among its children there are future reformers, prophets, political leaders and more.

We are planning to build a Christ's disciples school where we are going to raise strong leaders in faith. It will be a center for children, where they can receive school and Bible education and more.


We will do our best to give them hope. God will do his part but we must do the same and move forward, your generosity will have a great impact in the lives of these children.

You can make thousands of children smile who are waiting for a sign of hope. You are the sign, take action today. Thank you very much!

The Women

"Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child". (Exodus 22:22). 

The Holy Spirit put us at heart to organize a day of FREE food distributions for widows, single women and young girls. We hope to help over two hundred women in one day.

With you we to show the love of Jesus Christ.


The FREE distribution will be followed by a women's meeting in a church where the presence and power of the Holy Spirit will teach, win souls, heal, deliver all women in Jesus name. 


We believe that together we can  also restore the life's of abuse woman. Jesus says that " Your are the light of the world"  (Matt. 5:14)

Make history by exercising your faith in supporting this mission. because of you, about two hundred women will have an encounter with Jesus, food and a big smile.

You will be able to see pictures and videos of the fruits of your support to let you see how your donations help and save thousands of people and souls.


We want to reach out villages that never known an evangelical crusade for the salvation of souls. Our goal is to organize a historic evangelism and one the greatest healing crusade.

We pray that God will use you to fulfill this vision with us in Jesus's name. Amen!


May God bless you and give you long life. May every area of your life be prosperous as you give and bless the nations of Pakistan.

Emmanuel Healingmisssion.png

We thank you all for your prayers which will have a great impact in this mission.

May the Lord bless you and favor you in the mighty name of Jesus.



Tel. 1 519. 566. 2801



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